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The token will be on pre-sale and ends in 2019.

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The pre-sale with 5% bonus ends at:

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  • Total Market CAP 25.000.000 €

    GN10 amount tokens for sale 5.000.000 €



    ¿Do you want to receive profitability from the first moment?

    When you buy GN10 tokens you will start to be part of the Globalnews10 Community. A collaborative ecosystem designed so that each interaction rewards benefits to each of its members. In addition, you can access the unique offers and services of our Marketplace. Join, benefit from premium prices and services and receive dividends on your GN10 card from the first month.


    The GN10 Community represents a totally innovative vision. A collaborative ecosystem capable of uniting all participants through the use of a digital currency.


    Ensuring profitability is the main objective of the project. Only in this way can we ensure the satisfaction of the members of the community and the growth of the project. For this reason, the benefits collected will be redistributed as dividends in relation to the amount of tokens accumulated by each member.


    The GN10 Marketplace is the digital market where members of the community can promote and create innovative projects, while accessing a wide range of services previously negotiated to always guarantee the best price. The innovation of the Marketplace is based on the fact that the profits generated by the commissions will be distributed collaboratively among all the members of the Community.



    The GN10 token is a value itself, that represents a project in constant growth. Our commitment is based on a single objective: to stand on innovation and quality to be able to adapt to the changing needs of our partners. For this reason, we have made available to the public a timeline through which you can follow the development of our activity and our next objectives.

    Idea Ceation

    January 2018

    Concept development

    March 2018

    Legal development

    April 2018

    Blockchain Protocol

    May 2018

    Website Launch

    June 2018

    ICO Pre-sale

    1 year duration from October 2018

    Trade Members Website

    Customer Area

    December 18

    GN10 Community Foundation

    January 2019

    Agreement with PECUNIA CARDS EDE, S.L.U

    January 2019

    Agreement with BTC Group. Development of the Token.

    February 2019

    Partners agreement AS in process

    Marketplace Home

    March 2019

    Web Functionality Development

    ICO sale

    1 October 2019

    The services of GN10

    The volume of our activity allows us to constantly improve the conditions of the services and products offered to the members of the community


    Guiding in the development of ways and techniques to increase the profitability of the members companies and projects.


    Increase visibility and reach of products and projects through dynamic marketing and digital marketing strategies.


    Provide the best conditions on credit facilities for individuals and companies


    Wide range of services with the best benefits and market shares.


    Possibility to promote, finance and create projects.


    Offering of discounted products and bargains.

    We have a great team

    We entrust our future to experts every day

    Ángel Salinas


    Josefa Ramirez

    Finance Manager

    Ignacio Correa


    Cristian Casares


    Daniel Crespo

    Web Developer Manager

    Javier Rodriguez

    Editor and Writer

    Katia Navas

    Editor and Writer

    Laura Martínez

    Web designer


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